A letter to you

We've done a lot of things that we will never regret
Those moments I will never forget
It's hard for me to cheer up
I can't remember how to wear a smile
I'm feeling so blue

You've been here with me through ups and downs
Be willing to walk on by the outskirts of all towns
Just to help me get through my problems all along
Now that you're gone
Things will never go back to the way they were before
We have to let each other go
I guess I have to be strong

I love you, il mio amico.
See you again...


A second goodbye

I wish I could go back in time
I want things to go back to the way they used to be
You and me together
You were there when nobody else was
Truth is, now we are apart

Seeing you there in silence
All I can do is pretending I'm fine
You stare at me with words left unspoken
I wipe my  tears every now and then
I know we're not fine

But you should have known that you'll always be with me
Whenever and wherever I go
I really miss you but we'll meet again someday
Say hello to the new beginning
And a good bye to bad ending
Here I am standing on my own
I gotta move on and let you go
I gotta live my life without you here

I wish this is our last goodbye
I'll be waiting for a "Hello again" 
And no more goodbye...


Broken Dreams

A couple years ago, I was just a young boy
Sat under the  moonlight with her
Spent our night with kind of serious talk
Promised not to hurt each other
Promised to stay true with her
Promised to be with her through ups and downs
Had a beautiful dream about future 
Wondered about marriage 
Grew old together with precious kids
Wished the kids to be good people
Had a perfect life with family

Time passed by
That moment we've been waiting for has come
Until the day we've been dreaming of has gone
She messed up our life, fucked up our plans
The hopes vanished away
Look at me
Look into my eyes
Could you see what we have made?
Be strong we could make it through, you said

I was broken into pieces
I was drowned into the bitter truth
Suddenly remembering my  dreams to have a perfect family
I gotta keep pushing on, I gotta keep my head held high
I won't blame on her for the mistakes
I will help her to fix everything
I will support her to the way it has to be

Time passed by
That rough moment has gone
It became a bad memories
I thank God for the guardian angels
Who always helps
Who always be there
Who always supports
Who always keeps promises
I thank God for the problems 
Which made us who we are now