A comfortable relationship

A boyfriend shouldn’t just be a boyfriend. To have it happier and more worthwhile, he should also be your very best friend.

True that. I found it all in you. How lucky i am to meet someone like you and how lucky you are to have me *fair enough*. I never thought that we could be in love because you were too busy with your life and i was busy with mine. I didnt pay your attention and so did you. I was just your close friend who always helped you whenever you want me to. I gave you some teen advice about relationships, love, dating, friendship, and so many others lol
You're such an unexpected special gift i've been looking for because i suck at love i know. Guys chase on me but leave me for no apparent reason and go regardless.Yeah...who cares? :-|
I learned many things from my ex tho. How to love, how to feel, how to stay true, how to cherish every moment, how to appreciate, how to respect, how to fight, how to survive, how to be honest, how to be mature, how to...whatsoever.
I hope my experiences in past teach me how to live better with you right now. I dont really want an ending lol sounds like complete bullshit but i guess it's true.
I just wanna stay focused on the present because i'm about to start college. I just wanna study, use time wisely, manage everything well, so i can be success as soon as possible, get the best career, make my parents and also whole family proud of me. And umm so that i dont wanna find anyone else because i'm sick about bad romance and frustrating drama who makes me down and drown. Why finding? What i've been looking for is mine.

I think we are all just looking for that one person that we can be ourselves around, that one person who will love you and accept who you are, your silly awkward side and your serious side too. We're all just looking for that “comfortable relationship” you know? You dont care what you're doing because as long as that one special person is next to you then you're happy, whether it’s going out or just having a lazy day at home, you cherish all these moments with them because that special person is one you enjoy seeing and being around everyday, that person is someone you can turn to with all your problems and they will be there for you through it all. Every conversation, hug, kiss, or whatever you always look forward to because you truly love them and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
It’s that relationship thru whatever happens you're going to stick by there side and support them. It’s simply that “comfortable relationship” where you can be yourself and not be afraid of them judging you, after all love is acceptance of one another regardless of flaws or anything else.