Me singing "fix a heart" by demi lovato

Does karma exist?

We constantly hear the word 'karma' in conversations without knowing the true meaning of the words. Primarily, it's important to follow the principle of treating others as u would like to be treated. In other words, if u do bad things to others, it'lll return to u just like "what goes around comes around". There's a reaction to everything u do in life.
So anger begets anger, love begets love, hate begets hate. I know this sounds simplistic and kinda irrasional but who knows exactly if karma does exist :P Simply refers to the process of cause and effect. 
Just remember that....
1. somebody's gonna give u a lesson in leavin'
2. somebody's gonna give u back what u've been givin'
3. somebody's gonna give u a lesson in losin'
4. somebody's gonna do to u what u've been doin'
5. somebody's gonna give u a lesson in hurtin' 


Disrupting museum

I'm terribly exhausted! But I really had such an awesome quality time with my pals. Me & some of S1LENCIANS went to museum to complete historical task. So excited coz we went there by public transportations. Lucky me to have pals like u. Nothing much left to say, here are the pics.