Exam week

Half year had passed..
Joy, sadness, happiness, ups and downs that I've been through in #S1LENCE SMAN 8 Tangerang.
What is #S1LENCE? This is it "Slice Of Immortal Moments in Science 1".
BY THE WAY, it means that we'll face exam week very soon, aaargh! FIGHT FOR IT!!!!!!!!! xx



We watched the last football match of sea games in SMAN 8 Tangerang on Monday. Though Indonesia lost the match, we won't ever lose our togetherness!

So long good bye Wawan & Wati

Yesterday, me and friends bought 2 birds. We spent a whole day together, before they were dissected for biology practicum. It's a bit nasty but fun... So long good bye, Wawan & Wati. Your story is way more romantic than ever.


A dramatic drama

Me and friends have just done a task from our Bahasa teacher in SMAN 8 Tangerang, Mr. Drs. Bandi to show a drama. It was pretty fun! I became a horrible annoying queen, QUEEN IRAKUS. My group showed a cinderella parody lol. It was lil bit weirdo cuz we just had a little time to prepare but we just did some improvisations and tried to make others laugh, and...HELL YEAH THEY DID!!! Fortunatelly, my group got the best mark!

Me wearing a full colour dress with crown.



It's stupid when u call your crush by your another crush's name, ain't?


Outta control

As usual,wake up-go to school  (SMAN 8 Tangerang)-study-laugh-play-gossiping-back home-and so on. It's like a life cycle, ain't?
I just tired of it all sometimes. I mean, I'm not tired with life. Just  THINGS in life sometimes drive me desperately insane and I'm being unhandled and uncontrolled all of sudden. Idk whether it's normal or not. Moreover bad things come and go, everything didn't run according to plan.
Idk how to tell cuz it's a indescribable   feeling.
Umm, I'd like to say by to my layered hair cut btw. I'm with my new hair.. I feel so freshhh.
I gtg, bye!



Just gotta

I'm desperately overwhelmed. So, I just gotta...

1. I 'gotta' be defying all your dumbest rules.
2. I 'gotta' get outta here.
3. I 'gotta' find my sweet escape.
4. I 'just' wanna make it right.
5. I 'just' wanna be free.
6. I 'just' wanna skip this week.



Same things I do

Morning : 
As usual, I woke up at 5 am. I started my day with sleepy face and a fake smile to whom I met, hehehe.
Then went to school, SMAN 8 TANGERANG, and immadiately bought biskuat from Restu. I ate it directly without thinking that I'm in process losing weight. Nothing special in the morning, I just forced my eyes wide open.

Afternoon :
First lesson was Bahasa Indonesia. All we did during the class was discuss about drama which is gonna be shown soon. I'll be a super ugly rich princess in it, lol.
The second was Physics. Just did the same things anyway. Paid attention to my teacher, keep on focus, and did exercises.
BREAK TIME!!! Mom brought me rice, soup, and smoked beef.
After break time, I prepared for religious education exam.
The third was Religious Education. WHOAAA! I prayed for the best and absolutely did the best. Thank God I passed the exam :-)
The last was EC but unfortunately my teacher didn't teach cuz she had to go. So, she left some tasks which must be done this day.
But I didn't go home after school cuz I took a course and studied Chemistry.




Things aren't going well. Just keep your mouth and be quiet.


Eid al-Adha Celebration in SMAN 8 Tangerang

Huga - Dwi - Me

Still fresh and warm

Gonna miss u MR. COWWW

It's the cuttttest one


Cullen loves it! Lmfao








Between :) and :(

This movie makes me imagine if I only had a soundtrack in life. I can't stop watching this one.
Well it's about how to keep a trust each other and how to be sincere...

Random facts

Heyyaaa peeps, I'm gonna write some random facts.... Learning when feeling bored? Not here, dude! U guys will find joy and happiness after reading this. HA! Teachers in SMAN 8 Tangerang teach me every lil' thing we haven't known before. xx

1. Australia celebrates Christmas in the summer
2. At the current rate, 360,000,000,000 photos are uploaded on Facebook each year (2011)
3. '2' is the only even prime number
4. Cats have 32 muscles in each ear
5. You can spell 'typewriter' with the first row of letters on a keyboard
6. McD sells more than 75 burgers per second
7. Seven is the only number between 1-10 that has two syllables
8. Americans consume about 10 billion donuts each year
9. A male butterfly can smell a female butterfly from several miles away
10. Scientists have found a spider in east Africa that craves human blood. It hunts female mosquitoes,
      which suck human blood

Just small strategies but mean a lot

It seems so hard to lose weight when u've tried handle your passions of food? TRY THESE TRICKS!
- Put your spoon and fork when u're chewing
- Drink water after chewing
- Use small plate because it'll cut portion of your meal automatically

*I'm in process btw lmao*
Good luck! :D

Drinking cold water burns calories faster

It becomes pros and cons for us. Some ppl warn us not to drink cold water when u're tryna losing wieght but others suggest to drink cold water. Here is the asnwer...

According to scientific studies, when we drink cold water, our body needs more calories. WHY???
It's because our body temperature must be balanced with the temperature of cold water.
For example:
If the temperature of our body is 37  and the cold water is 0 ℃. When we drink 0,5 Liters cold water, it means there's 473,16 grams water which is MUST BE equalized.
While the equalizing process of body temperature and cold water temperature, our body burns 17,5 calories.

Yeaaaaah it's good to try, but drinking cold water too much is bad :)

Happy Eid al-Adha

Imagine if u were these cows and fear of slaughtered every year.

Happy Eid al-Adha peeps!!!



Kissing under the mistletoe

Maybe some of u haven't heard about what mistletoe is. Here it is!

The mistletoe has been one of the most magical, mysterious and sacred plants of European folklore and believed it had miraculous powers which could cure illnesses, serve as an antidote against poisons, ensure fertility and protect against the ill effects of witchcraft.

For instance, exchanging kisses under the mistletoe was a tradition of Greek festivals and marital ceremonies. If a couple in love exchanges a kiss under the mistletoe, it is interpreted as a promise to marry, as well as a prediction of happiness and long life. In France, the custom linked to the mistletoe was reserved for New Year's Day. <

My 2nD home

Why do I call it my 2nd home?  
Cuz I have 2nd family here. They're my friends! #XONETA #S1LENCE.
I never thought I'd be student of SMAN 8 Tangerang. As u guys know, it seems so hard to enter here. I mean to continue study here. We're required to have the lowest score at about 75, have a really good English, etc. Not only from academic achievement, but we're required to show talents we have. And it's proved!!!

Busier than ever

My school, SMAN 8 Tangerang, was over earlier today cuz teacher was busy preparing for Eid al-Adha Celebration on Monday. All of students MUST clean each class. But unfortunately, I gotta prepare for singing contest next week so I lost a rare chance to get home earlier. Moreover 'someone' got mad at me for no reason, wtf. And 'another-someone' showed off  her ordinary talent *oops. And 'the last-someone' broke her promise. She left me alone whereas I never even leave u! Huffff :'(
But as long as it ain't too bad, it's just okay. Btw, I can't stop thinking bout what happened in gym class this morning. When I threw my ball into the ring, I accidentally lost control to handle it and suddenly BANG! my ball hit AUB.. Oh Godness! Shame on me! When he gave me the ball, my heart went knock-knock, butterflies in my stomach wouldn't stop. I kept my straight face and stayed cool though I melted inside lmao. I wanna freeze the time at that moment for sure! I wonder what u're thinking of...




Means that tomorrow is saturday. It's sucha day without same old tiring things. Wohooo!
All students in SMAN 8 Tangerang just got a task from our IT teacher Mrs. Dina Fitria Murad to make a blog then we gotta post anything we want. Quite fun, isn't?! =)
Ok now gonna tell u bout what happened few days ago till this day. I feel so blessed cuz I didn't get remedial for exam this week. I got 80 for math test and 81 for chemistry test. Thank God for everything, every small things You give are big things for me...
But u guys should have known that I'm being silly lately. I've no reason why lmao
Well it's actually unimportant post but means a lot (re: requirement for passing grade)



Glad to know that November has come, yeah means new year is just a month left. First day of November is also my first day of school. Everything was the same, same routines, same jerks, same annoying things. ERGH!
I didn't love to day a lot. WHYYYYYYY?! Same reason by the way. I asked someone how to solve a question but she ignored me, as usual. Then I was so curious bout my chem exam result, I really wish the calculation of the score is +19, not x 2 : 81. But Thx Lord I got 80 for math exam test hohoho, dunno if it was just my fortune or I did it seriously =D
Today was QUIET fun, cuz it's NOVI'S& DENDY'S birthday! Wohooo have a blast for ya both! GBU~\
I got chocolate pudding n also fried chicken FOR FREE. I felt blessd! Lmao
Tonight sucks. I dunno exactly why but I feel someone has just insulted me, hufff u're just over confident!!!