My Sunday Lunch


Happy Mother’s Day

Life must had gave her many trials but she had won it gracefully, it’s obviously shown from her meaningful smile. The wrinkles describes every lesson she had learn from life, to be the best person in the world who will always be there to support and to love you unconditionally.

What can I say … mother is a best friend, a teacher, a guardian, a living angel, a soul-mate, an everything!

“ Remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.” ~Abraham Lincoln

Happy Mother’s Day to all the precious moms! May the beauties of your heart remains in our soul forever.


There are times when we both have to get along


Stress has taken over

I dont even know what was happening lately. All i know is everything just gets hard, worse, and sucks. I have several issues to deal with. A lot of people, tasks, financial, stuffs i really wanna have, ergh anything! It's been a really really really damn messed up week.
But over time i've been worrying n stressing over 'em constantly. I cant seem to turn my mind off and relax. And it feels like.....im surrounded by hundreds of scars which are constantly arrows into my brain. Sounds weird anyway but yeah i have managed to let stress take over my life somehow.
Sometimes this goes all of sudden. I call it "RACING THOUGHTS".
How can i turn my mind off?!!



Me singing "fix a heart" by demi lovato

Does karma exist?

We constantly hear the word 'karma' in conversations without knowing the true meaning of the words. Primarily, it's important to follow the principle of treating others as u would like to be treated. In other words, if u do bad things to others, it'lll return to u just like "what goes around comes around". There's a reaction to everything u do in life.
So anger begets anger, love begets love, hate begets hate. I know this sounds simplistic and kinda irrasional but who knows exactly if karma does exist :P Simply refers to the process of cause and effect. 
Just remember that....
1. somebody's gonna give u a lesson in leavin'
2. somebody's gonna give u back what u've been givin'
3. somebody's gonna give u a lesson in losin'
4. somebody's gonna do to u what u've been doin'
5. somebody's gonna give u a lesson in hurtin' 


Disrupting museum

I'm terribly exhausted! But I really had such an awesome quality time with my pals. Me & some of S1LENCIANS went to museum to complete historical task. So excited coz we went there by public transportations. Lucky me to have pals like u. Nothing much left to say, here are the pics.



High expectation vs False hope

I'm currently facing a sort of weirdo probs. Whether it's just a fantasy or reality. But I feel so..
I dunno where start coz i have no idea what's been happened with me, myself. I wonder why i could be this dumb, so obsessive, so absurd. All i know is we started off incredible, evenmore my pals said confidently that my "young wishes" could be granted right away. It's like "Who would have ever knew that we'd be more than friends?" Hahahaha.

Who aint glad to hear that? No one! But it made me expecting more, more, and more.
At first i thought so, coz it's like u pointed every signs straight to me.
It's been 15552000 seconds i've been waiting for, i've been wasting on, i've been expecting more.

So, lemme get this straight. U were leading me on, keeping me waiting for something that wasn't there, letting me get my hopes up for u, acting like u cared, and allowing me to start liking u more and more everyday coz u didnt wanna hurt me????? U're never gonna know what it's like.

I was wondering what what's better known as.. Me with high expectation or u with ur false hope.
I do really know whatever's meant to be will work out perfectly, so if it's the best for u to walk away, i don't mind. And i do know i just cant take a more step towards u coz all that's waiting is regret.
Who would have known how bitter this would taste??
U seemed kinda distant lately,  though i know what's wrong how could i be so sure if u never say watcha feel?
But thx for teaching me not to get my hopes up easily, to accept the reality with sincerity no matter how worst it is, and for the 12012012 (:

U can't bandage the damage. U never really can fix my heart.



Me singing "Nothing's gonna change my love for u"

I had cough while recording ooomg :O


Happy sweet 17th b'day, Shafa!

First, i'd like to congratulate my sweetie, Shafa ND for her 17th b'day. Many happy returns and best wishes for your b'day afterwards. I hope your b'day was all that u hoped for.
Me and others recieved Shafa's invitation to her b'day party. Well it's our first time to attend the "sweet 17th b'day party" this year hehehe.
Everybody looked so glamour. The dresscodes were a bit fancy. Nightgown dress for the girls and tuxedo for the boys.
We played some games, had dinner, and took so many shots. Here are some!

Maya - Me - Ditha



"HAPPY HUNGER GAMES AND MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR"Well i just cant get it outta my mind, I call it by "stuck quotes syndrome" haha :pI watched The Hunger Games two days ago with Sujan and Gerhana. I've been waiting for this movie to be shown in cinema and hell yeah i could watch it eventually!This is very very very recommended movie of the year i guess. Maybe some of u dunno what The Hunger Games are.The Hunger Games are an annual event in which one boy and one girl aged 12 to 18 from each of the 12 districts surrounding the Capitol are selected by lottery to compete in a televised battle in which only one person can survive.Sounds creepy, aint?!


As free as the wind blows

Thank God I've passed midterm exam week. This is a life.... Yes, words can't even describe what I feel but "As free as the wind blows" comes close :))
May me and #S1LENCE will get the best as we did. No matter how low the score we got, we're proud of being honest.



Well "childhood cancer awareness" was the day that i had been waitin' for. Me + #S1LENCE + Didi (Tarakanita GS) + Ega (Science 4) joined that event in Jakarta (started from FX mall). Tired enough but completey fun! 
FYI, Huga lent me basketball shorts coz i didnt know what to wear :-/
That was the first time I wore it. Pathetic, ain't? lmao
We went there by bus but some were "nebeng" HAHAHAHA -__-" I got excited a night before so that  I couldn't sleep tight. I slept along the way till arrived @ FX. This was where the journey started B-)
We walked for 1 hour (FX-Polda-Semanggi-FX). Felt so WAW after burning fat :P
D'massive entertained us by singing their songs, Yuga & Sena were lucky enough to sing together.
And at noon we looked for some restaurants, as usual we didn't know where to go or what we were gonna eat then. Soooo we walked (again) to Sency, burning fat before lunch.
We got there but... we still didn't know what to eat exactly. And I had smoked beef from sushi groove for lunch.
Had a plan to back home at 3 PM but raining. Kept waiting patiently for our bus to come and did many silly things.
We caught the bus then back home :p