A place called home

Feeling tense, it's so hard to breathe, as every night I cry so desperately
In a place called home
The safest place, they said
A place where I shouldn't feel so scared to talk, so scared to joke, or so scared to laugh
A place where I could sleep tight at night
A place where I could share joy and sorrow
A place where I grow up

Everything was fine until that day
That day when you knew what you shouldn't have known
It was just a small mistake you couldn't tolerate
Fuck chance. It doesn't exist in my life
It sticks out so much in your mind
And for some reason when I succeed, you nod and say good, then put it behind

This tension between us, I can't take it anymore 
I'm wondering why I'm still here
I wish I could disappear and get out of here
I don't want to see disappointment on your face anymore

I'd give my money and car for a sweet escape
To a place where I could hang on the beach with toes in the sand
To a place where I could feel the warmth of sun
To a place where I could be free not giving a shit
No more anger and tears
No more pain and cry
I'd rather be somewhere else, alone

That day will come, when you put down his mug and instead of a shrug, walk to my bed and you wish you could give me a hug and whisper you love me
But too late, I just can't feel a tear drops
You'll be sorry that
 I'm finally free..
In a place called home


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